Milchwerke Schwaben is a registered cooperative and was founded in 1922 for the dairy producers from Ulm and the surrounding area. In the 1960s, a brand new manufacturing facility was established and, by 1968,  Milchwerke Schwaben had become the most advanced dairy company in Germany and later developed into one of the best in the whole dairy industry. In order to further increase production, the company invested in a new factory in 2013 and can currently deliver 330 million kg of milk from approximately 1200 dairy producers annually. Using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art technology along with strict quality control processes, Milchwerke Schwaben aims to boost the production capacity by up 50% and expand into new markets. Milchwerke Schwaben  operates in South Germany and its product line includes fresh milk products, yogurt, desserts, wholesale products, butter, sliceable cheese and milk with whey powder.